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We’re thankful to have a number of local businesses and authorities supporting YourLocal.Delivery. They’ve all contributed in their own way, but we’d like to highlight the efforts they have all gone through, to spread the message.

During times like these, it’s important for businesses to collaborate in-order to efficiently support those who are worried about the future of their business during this period of uncertainty.

If you can help communicate with local businesses about YourLocal.Delivery, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us here.

“YourLocal.Delivery is an important new vehicle supporting retail, food and drink outlets in the community. This is true not only at this difficult time but in a changing future too. I sincerely hope that they are able to secure funding to expand the website and include more local independent businesses”

Graham Galpin MSc FIPM, member of the High Street Task Force and independent town centre regeneration consulting expert

“YourLocal.Delivery has been vital for local businesses during these unprecedented times. An evaluation of recent business support projects have shown that a number of our local high-street stores do not have an online presence. This free online service has enabled those businesses to have an online store set up for them within minutes and a great opportunity to learn about the benefits of being able to sell online. This funding can only help the expansion of the service and opportunities for our local businesses to sell their products.”

Natalia Sukhram, Local Economy Manager for Canterbury City Council.
“YourLocal.Delivery is a website platform that gives independent businesses in Kent the opportunity to continue selling products without having to have their own eCommerce website. During the current pandemic, this is a ‘free’ solution to enable businesses to instantly reach potential customers and continue trading to either offer a delivery or collection service. It is so important for businesses to feel supported during these times of uncertainty and being part of YourLocal.Delivery is just one way of keeping businesses and their customers connected now and as the current situation recedes being able to continue trading both online and have a physical presence on the future high street. With everyone currently moving online to purchase goods and services, this is a positive step for small businesses and will open up opportunities in the future for them to reach new audiences beyond coronavirus.”
Jo Wynn-Carter, Retail Inspired
We know that it is an incredibly tough time for our traders and at the BID and we are keen to support initiatives that will benefit their bottom line. The team at digitalbeans have created a free solution for those local businesses who do not have the resources to create an online profile and delivery service for their customers. We are uplifted to see local businesses working together to support each other.”
Lisa Carlson, Canterbury BID Chief Executive